Start Planning

What do you need to think about BEFORE disaster strikes?  
Family Emergency Plan
  • Share a written plan with someone who lives a distance away.
  • Your completed plan is useful for all kinds of emergencies which may involve leaving your home.  
  • Not all data may be relevant for your family. Strike through unnecessary fields of information.
  • Family Plan Form #1  (
  • Family Plan Form #2  (American Red Cross)
For Regions affected by Hurricanes
COVID-19 Considerations 

Because of the pandemic, it is expected that fewer shelters will be available for those who need to evacuate. 


If you are considering inviting another family to shelter in your home, you will want to be prepared.  These sheltering guidelines from the Texas Department of State Health Services of are written for public emergency shelters, but they contain helpful information for making one's home safe for both the host and the sheltering family.  Not all of the guidelines apply to a home, but some will.